Pay-Per Click

Pay-Per Click

Does your business show up at the top in the SERPs when people search for your practice related keywords near to their location? If your answer is ‘NO’, then you are probably not running ads using PPC.

If your website is not listed on the top pages, then running pay-per-click ads on Google is one of the efficient and fastest ways to show your website on the first page and convert your potential customers.

At MedeSphere, our highly experienced PPC specialists can list your practice to the top of the search results on Google by creating effective, high quality and compelling ads on Google Ads. Our complete PPC team will take care of all the aspects of your Ad campaigns and deliver best-desired results, traffic to your website and potential leads while managing your daily budget and Cost per Click (CPC).

#1 Position on Google Means More Potential Leads and Patients

The first position on Google means a lot more to your business. You get more clicks to your website, more inquiry and more patient visits to your clinic. In general, more exposure on the first page means more revenue for your business.


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Industry Experience

When you work with a marketing company that knows your business inside out, has extensive experience in running PPC ads and has in-depth knowledge of your services and related terminologies, then growing your business and making it more profitable won’t take much time.

PPC Specialists

It’s better to avoid hiring advertising specialists that don’t know the jargon of your industry or have the relevant experience in your practice's advertising. We understand your concerns and queries and provide you the best services to expand and grow your business. Our specialists are categorized by department and industry, so you can always rest assured that you will get high-quality ads and great attention to detail with our complete PPC services.

Full-Service Advertising

As a full-service advertising company, we not only offer PPC services but also a wide range of other digital marketing services for your business that can improve the final results of your PPC advertising efforts.

With our combined PPC services, SEO and website design services, you can see greater returns in a short period of time.

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What Our Doctors Have to Say

Find out why over many dental and medical professionals trust MedeSphere for their online marketing needs.

After using the SEO services of many digital marketing companies, I had lost hope in the options that dentists had to create an online presence. This has changed after I decided to hire Medesphere to digitally promote my dental practices using their skilled and dedicated team. Not only are the offices getting tangible results, but Medesphere and I are true partners due to their offering of stake in the company. It’s a simple decision: hire Medesphere for your digital marketing and reap the benefits of your dental office’s success in addition to that of Medeshpere’s!

Sabharwal Dental Group

Dr. Vageesh K Sabharwal

Medesphere is going to be the very best out there among the dental community!. Our website never looked better- they do a thorough job and are always very professional. Their customer service is top notch!! If we need to change something on our website it is done right away, plus they always give us pointers and ideas on how to increase our web presence,we are waiting to add new services like review generation platform from them so we can kick start our campaign to get as many 5star reviews from our clients !! thanks again to all the team at Medesphere.

Fieldgate Dentistry

Dental Clinic

I would like to share our story ,as Our practice has been with a few different marketing/web design companies in the past 10 years. we never had the accountability piece from any of the companies. I had no idea where our money was being spent. The detailed spreadsheet has everything in black and white with the time spent on each item, it’s just wonderful !! The monthly calls analyzing Google Analytics help us to see where the visitors are coming from and what pages are clicked on most often. Their writers and design crew do an amazing job. They are willing to listen to our ideas and incorporate them into the web site plan. Their attention to details is outstanding. SRM and their new sister concern Medesphere’s honesty and integrity are what makes them stand out above all other companies, highly recommend their services for anyone looking for new patients and very professional services for their office.

Dr. Sandeep Walia

West Metro Dental

I have been working with Ross D’Souza of Medesphere for several months now. In the last 3 months we have seen consistent results on PPC and steady progress on our SEO for our dental office. We are appearing in more searches for dental offices and we are receiving an increase of patients who found us through a simple google search. Ross worked with me very closely to understand and identify the search words that we feel worked for our practice the most. He has been very accessible to me, he has been attentive and good with providing feedback and result reports. I would definitely recommend his services for anyone looking to start a successful marketing campaign.

Crescent Dental Care


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