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Step 1

Our Expert Web Designers Build You a Custom Website

As the first impression is always the last, attract and retain your users and increase engagement and conversions with our neat, professional, responsive and search engine friendly website design. Furthermore, we also optimize your website for mobile users who search on the go.

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Step 2

Trusthorizon (our secret tool) helps you get more positive reviews

Trusthorizon, a text message application from Medesphere helps you get new (positive) customer reviews after they leave your business. With the power of Trusthorizon, you can easily get more customers for your business and rise to the top of your local search ranks.

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Step 3

We help you get more patients who are looking for your services

We understand your business/practice and services inside out. Our advisory board consists of dentists, veterinarians and medical doctors that ensure all online marketing services provided comply with respective regulatory bodies. Moreover, our marketing experts have years of experience and can help your practice grow digitally and maximize your revenue with comprehensive digital marketing strategies including SEO, PPC, Social Media.

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Step 4

Tracking the analytics for phone calls and web forms

At MedeSphere, we use 3rd party call tracking and analytics tools for phone calls and web forms where you can discover which ads, keywords, and campaigns bring valuable conversions and leads.

Visitor and keyword call tracking: The call tracking software can help you determine which search keywords, websites, and campaigns are driving phone call conversions.

Form Tracking is here: Now you can get High-level insights for your form submissions. You can easily find out which marketing efforts drove qualified leads to your website, and thus helping you to maximize your budget and better optimize your campaign.

Static and offline call tracking: Now you can use your marketing budget more smartly by identifying the marketing channels that make your phone ring. You can measure the phone leads you receive from all your offline marketing efforts, including newspaper, radio, TV, direct mail, and printed brochures.


Step 5 - Where Patients and Oral Health Care providers interact

Our upcoming product "Xcarepro" is a one-stop dental marketplace where patients and health care providers can interact to find a provider which suits them most for them and their familie's oral health care needs.

Xcarepro is building the largest network of dentists. Patient reviews, detailed doctors profiles, and online dental appointments which will help you choose the right dental professional in your geographic area for your oral care needs.

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