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West Vaughan Dental

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The Situation

West Vaughan Dental, a dental clinic located in Woodbridge, ON provides a well-rounded range of dental services, for patients of all ages. The practice utilizes the latest technologies and techniques to deliver care in a warm, inviting environment.

Before starting with MedeSphere, the dental clinic had very little online presence and was not getting any leads from their website.

The Solution

Website Redesign: After auditing their website, we noticed that there were a lot of technical issues and also, the website was not optimized for search engine traffic. Therefore, we completely redesigned their website from the ground up, made it responsive, search engine and mobile-friendly, and carefully placed call to action buttons and forms to capture leads.

Search Engine Optimization: After redesigning and optimizing their website, our next focus was to improve their online presence and visibility on search engines and rank their website for important service-related keywords. We integrated both on-page and off-page SEO practices, and within 3 months the results were outstanding. They started getting relevant traffic to their website.

Google AdWords: The client also wanted to generate more leads and increase patient visits to their dental practice. Although they were running paid campaigns before, they were not getting any results. We optimized their Google Adwords Campaign and focused on highly relevant and revenue keywords. Within a month, their cost per conversions decreased by a whopping 63.23% while phone calls and conversion rate increased to 75.00% and 54.44% respectively.

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The Results

In Conversion

+42.86 %

Conversion Rate

+54.44 %

In Phone Calls

+75.00 %

In their own words

Find out why over 100 dental and medical professionals trust MedeSphere for their online marketing needs.

After using the SEO services of many digital marketing companies, I had lost hope in the options that dentists had to create an online presence. This has changed after I decided to hire Medesphere to digitally promote my dental practices using their skilled and dedicated team. Not only are the offices getting tangible results, but Medesphere and I are true partners due to their offering of stake in the company. It’s a simple decision: hire Medesphere for your digital marketing and reap the benefits of your dental office’s success in addition to that of Medeshpere’s!

West Vaughan Dental

Dr. Vageesh K Sabharwal

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